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Transaction Support

We support our clients with our BTO Team in varying sectors with buying as well as selling. We provide assistance with transaction preparation as well as during the transaction itself. We sometimes act as lead advisor, finding and approaching targets for our customers, and managing the transaction process until closing. An essential part of our projects includes post-merger integration. We have worked on transactions of various sizes from post-signing onward to ensure that the desired goals of the buyer are fulfilled as completely as possible.

Due Diligence

In the case of due diligence our team guides you competently through the transaction process. This includes systematic documentation of the present situation and the business plan as well as analysis of relevant strengths and weaknesses of the target. Building on this foundation, we derive a holistic overview of the possible advantages and risks in the context of the planned transaction. Our main activities lie in the field of market, commercial and technical due diligence. In order to be able to offer full service packages from one source, we cooperate with other consulting firms in the fields of financial and legal due diligence.


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