Pro Bono

We believe it goes without saying that people in need and the socially disadvantaged should be supported. Therefore we support charitable organizations both financially and through the service of our team.

For all of us this means that in addition to our normal projects we also gladly accept work for which we offer our services and expertise pro bono – be it the physical efforts of our team or the development of strategies or concepts. We apply ourselves to these projects with the same commitment and energy we give to the projects of our other clients.

We would be glad to hear that you also find the projects we have selected to be valuable and worthy of support. If you want to take part personally or on behalf of your company, we gladly integrate your contributions to our plan.

We give preference to social projects regionally within the fields in which we are already professionally involved, but also internationally. We currently support the following projects:


  • Cooperation with the Business School Berlin Potsdam
  • Establishment and management of the Intelligent Infrastructure Workgroup at VBKI
  • NILA e.V.


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