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Our Guarantee & Experience

We promise only the highest level of quality in management consulting. We hope to develop the best individual strategies and solutions with and for our clients. An open and honest partnership between your staff and our team forms the basis.

We are convinced that only strict customer orientation combined with the highest expectations for the quality of our work will allow us to find the best individual solutions, emphasizing feasibility and sound economic results.

Having an excellent education, our team demonstrates an above average ambition. The transparent structure of our company and the equal opportunity for self-realization that we provide lead to the high satisfaction of our employees and their continued interest in finding creative solutions.

Adherence to virtues like diligence, honesty and respect is an integral part of our work ethic.


We believe that really good consulting is only possible when skills collected through years of experience from relevant projects and operational activities are implemented. All our team members bring suitable experience to the realization of their projects.

We understand ourselves as strategic networkers. Our network of business partners ensures swift access to tax-related, juridical, and technical know-how and reduces the number of third parties you have to work with. Over the years, our work has brought us into contact with many interesting people – contacts from whom we profit in our daily work and whose insight we gladly make available to you.

We monitor ourselves and strive for constant improvement. A deliberately established board of advisors provides us with guidance – experienced personalities from the economic sector, who in addition to their positions in BTO also offer a large knowledge base to our customers.


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