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Organizational Optimization

Project management

Projects with many parallel or inter-connected sub-processes, or “Worksteams”, present large challenges to companies. They demand a high number of human resources in addition to the completion of normal tasks and require a more than usual level of communication and involvement between departments. In this context, it is very important for the success of the company that project goals are reached according to quality and cost, and within the scheduled time frame. BTO offers you goal-oriented consultation and support in defining and implementing project structures and functions (that is, roles and tasks). We also provide project management coaching or interim management itself. We are able to lead your project out of difficult situations, improve managerial competence, and provide timely interventions and countermeasures. Human resources will become more goal-oriented and will be implemented with less “friction.” Your project goals will be accomplished in terms of time, quality and costs.

Interim management

True to our own expectations to offer you, our customer, the best possible support, we will take over concrete functions within your company to find the best solutions. This can sometimes be necessary as a consequence of previous optimization projects. However, because of the experience of our staff and their specific qualifications, we are sometimes also directly entrusted with interim management. This ranges from project management, to business development, to leadership roles in certain fields. Additionally, we support clients from foreign countries who wish to enter the German market by managing the foundation of corporate structures and the establishment of business operations from an executive position.


A reorganization allows a company to quickly and flexibly adapt to rapidly changing demands and circumstances in the market environments and internal structures. The BTO Team has completed projects for reorganizing companies within our sectors of specialization, concerning both the company as a whole as well as the individual steps within the value creation chain.

For the accomplishment of organizational optimization, our detailed knowledge of the market is the foundation of our work. We believe that every organization is unique and requires individualized attention. In the first place we prepare an overview of the subject at the level of its processes. After that we evaluate certain processes within the organization and work with you to develop suggestions for optimization. In this phase of the project our consultants oversee and manage workshops and workgroups and present the results in a comprehensible manner. The sustainable realization of a reorganization project is guaranteed through follow-up monitoring by our consultants.

Process Optimization

Through process optimization you can realize an increased efficiency in all business processes within your company. At the same time, the quality of your output and the satisfaction of your employees can be increased through the harmonization of workflow and team interaction. Process optimization is especially worthwhile for those core processes of a company in which several departments are involved. Our consultants offer you guidance with the realization as well as the documentation of the results. For large-scale projects we also lead the moderation of individual work groups that are involved in the optimization.

Implementation Support

We offer various services that can be applied together or separately. With all of these services, we will lead you through and evaluate the implementation of planned changes on both organizational and procedural levels. Implementation support is especially useful for ensuring the smooth and effective realization of large-scale restructurings.


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