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Strategy and Business Development

In the context of strategy development our consultants define a clear goal that is designed with and verified by relevant stakeholders. In the next step, various strategic options are developed, evaluated, and chosen on this basis for implementation. For this we apply our comprehensive experience, market knowledge and methodological know-how. This goal will be translated into measurable parameters in order to track progress and create a clear plan of implementation. We support you along this entire process from strategy audit to realization and monitoring of progress through appropriate controls.

Business Planning

We are convinced that for the successful concretization of ideas – be it for new products and services or further development – their economic and societal dimensions must be clearly evaluated and represented. In order to do so we utilize established tools, e.g. the Business Canvas for structured development and representation of ideas. In this context profit-relevant dimensions such as size of market, your own market positioning and pricing, as well as necessary resources like employees and partnerships, will be worked out. After that we integrate this into a business plan in order to most comprehensively evaluate the economic outcomes.


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