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Dr Hans-Udo Klein BTO AG Berlin

Dr. Hans-Udo Klein


 Born 1952, graduate and Ph.D. in physics, joined BTO Management Consulting in May 2013 as partner. Udo has been managing director at international high-tech companies for research equipment and infrastructure and large medical devices in the Bruker Group and in the Varian Medical Systems Group. He started his professional career at Interatom GmbH and Siemens AG, performing an MBO in 1994 out of which the ACCEL Instruments GmbH came to be.


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Fully packed – The LNG industry meeting on March 23rd 2015, Port of Duisburg

On the occasion of the Liquind - LNG industry meeting on March 23rd 2015 at the Port of Duisburg an expert panel discussed the status quo and the future of LNG, its delivery to Europe, storage as well as existing and planned infrastructure. Participants from all over Germany and the Netherlands attended the fully booked event. Read more...

The potential of LNG as fuel for shipping

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